Malencutie Fashionable Diaper Bag Backpack provides functionality and form with Baby Safe high quality durable materials. This diaper bag is more than a bag to carry nappies in. Water resistant and insulated material helps protect perishables from sunlight and extreme heat as well as humidity and rainy days. The reinforced top frame keeps the bag open for easy access while holding a baby too. Lots of pockets to keep everything organized. Malencutie Backpack design is just what you need on a handsfull day.

Packing Your Diaper Bag Backpack for a Trip

Family trip! As exciting as that is, it can also mean family stress. With the Diaper Bag Backpack, you can carry
everything you need to travel to the park or across the country to Grandma’s. It’s crucial for a mom to be able
to carry everything she needs with ease and style. Continue reading Packing Your Diaper Bag Backpack for a Trip

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How to Organize Your Diaper Bag Backpack

An organizational guide for moms struggling with their diaper bags.

Sometimes being a mom feels like a game, a competition between our fellow mothers over who is the most
exhausted. Who can list off the most things they have to do by noon? The most things that went wrong that
morning? The most things they have to carry? There’s no need for us to play games, ladies.
With efficient organization and function-forward products like Diaper Bag Backpacks, we can carry everything
without missing a beat. Continue reading How to Organize Your Diaper Bag Backpack

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