How to Organize Your Diaper Bag Backpack

An organizational guide for moms struggling with their diaper bags.

Sometimes being a mom feels like a game, a competition between our fellow mothers over who is the most
exhausted. Who can list off the most things they have to do by noon? The most things that went wrong that
morning? The most things they have to carry? There’s no need for us to play games, ladies.
With efficient organization and function-forward products like Diaper Bag Backpacks, we can carry everything
without missing a beat. We can forget about challenging each other with our hardships. Creating such a
lifestyle of success and organization often starts from our heart, also known as our bags.
Once you have a functional bad like a Diaper Bag Backpack, organizing it will be sweet simplicity.

Use the ‘Just for Mom’ pocket.

Anything that is designed just for mom is an A ++ in my book. This pocket is perfect to hold the adult
necessities that can’t risk an accidental spill or getting lost in a jumble of stuff. Things like your phone, wallet,
and other valuables can now be stored in their own easily accessible space.

Make use of the 12 pockets.

Yes, I said 12. Make use of what your Diaper Bag Backpack already provides- dedicate these pockets to hold
snacks, bottles, handwipes, and more. Having a dedicated and easily accessible space for all your things will
make your day-to- day that much easier.

Reserve the open space for larger objects.

This will prevent smaller items from being lost and will let you utilize that one-hand mom grab we’ve all
mastered. This is the perfect spot for blankets, extra clothes, or awkwardly shaped toys.

Use outside pockets for durable items.

Bags that give you lots of space, like the Diaper Bag Backpack, allow you to arrange your belongings with
intention. This prevents things from accidently breaking, getting lost, or otherwise damaged. Take advantage of
the outside pockets with items that can better handle the outside. This is the perfect place for reusable bottles
or other sturdy necessities.

Group your items

Put the spoon by the baby food and the wipes by the diapers! Arranging your items with their ‘families’ will help
you instantly remember where things are for your own family. This means there no more time wasting by
digging through overstuffed bags. As we know, your time is precious.

Daily clean throughs

With this time saving and newly organized diaper bag, cleaning it out every day will become a synch. All it
takes is a 5-minute disposal of trash, washing out bottles, and replacing items that aren’t of everyday use. This
will prevent buildup of dangerous bag plaque and keep your Diaper Bag Backpack clean, pristine, and stylish.

One of the key steps to having a killer organization system is to make use of the function already in your life. If
your Diaper Bag Backpack has pockets, for example, use the pockets. Happy organizing moms!