About Malencutie

When my husband and I met, we were a couple of New York newbies- he was from Peru and I was from Russia. Our tiny relationship suddenly seemed to include the whole world. As we fell in love, we came to realize with all the history, tradition, and values from our different backgrounds, we had to develop our own personal values and lifestyle to match our new shared present. We decided what we cared about most- authentic, clean products; natural, sustainable choices, and the
perfect balance of comfort and style. Soon after our beautiful daughter was born, nothing was as important to us as our love for her. Although we still adore authentic, sustainable products. This inspired us to provide our daughter with adorable and sustainable baby clothes. We wanted to provide our daughter with an ability to show her natural beauty while making an impact- yes, even at this age. We created Malen Cutie, a brand of everyday products that combines style, honesty, and natural resources. At Malen Cutie and in our own family we understand the importance of versatility and inclusion, so whether you’re the sophisticated busy bee mother, or the committed and passionate stay at home mom we want to give your baby the same chance we gave our daughter- to have the best products within
reach.Yulia Dancourt